Raj Industries - Manufacturer and exporter of -
		 Stainless Steel Hinges
		 Ball Bearing Hinges
		 Door Hinges
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   Manufacturers and Exporters of Quality Stainless Steel Hinges since 1944
Leading manufacturer and exporter of
 high quality stainless steel hinges 
 	- SS Door hinges 
 	- SS window hinges
	- continuous hinges / piano hinges, 
	- butt hinges, 
	- flap hinges, 
	- rising and falling hinges, 
	- spring hinges, 
	- flush hinges, 
	- parliament hinges, 
	- residential hinges, 
	- custom designed hinges, 
	- stainless steel ball bearing hinges
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As the product lines offered by company have grown, so has our quality control standards. New techniques and procedures, new instruments and controls have been added to assure the company’s reputation for quality keeps pace with the worlds growing technological sophistication.

All operations are carried out in the factory itself to ensure proper quality control at all level. We continually update our facilities and operations to the highest quality standards. Regular audits maintain that level of excellence.

The highest quality products.

The highest level of service.

That's what you can count on from Raj Industries

Not a SINGLE piece found defective by our International Buyers since last 5 years.
We specialize in the manufacturing of a variety of high quality stainless steel hinges - door and windows hinges ball bearing hinges continuous hinges/piano hinges door hinges butt hinges flap hinges rising and falling hinges spring hinges flush hinges parliament hinges residential hinges Nylon washer hinges custom designed hinges and stainless steel ball bearing hinges which is also our premium product.

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